Entry #1

lolzinternet:Episode 1

2009-08-15 18:59:39 by lolzinternet

Welcome to the first installment of lolzinternet!
Todays episode: lolgamespot
im doing this here so if you know my blogspot blog i deleted it cuz i ll
get more attention this way

lolzinternet:Episode 1


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2009-08-15 18:59:56

lolz! so funny!


2009-08-15 19:27:06

you guys should comment if you dont sign up
sorry about switching my website yo newgrounds on clock day
itll get spam today


2009-08-15 19:56:27

I can provide you with a better banner, higher quality version, if you want

lolzinternet responds:



2009-08-16 12:11:59

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2009-08-16 13:37:52

You are a humongous faggot.

lolzinternet responds:

lol :)