Lolzinternet: Episode 4

2009-08-18 15:35:07 by lolzinternet

hey guys i was banned from writing reviews :(
but here you go i cant find anything funny i promise next one will be funny
but maybe this one is better than the last

Lolzinternet: Episode 4


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2009-08-18 21:42:21

Shut the fuck up newfag.


2009-08-19 07:56:22

Of course you are going to get banned
You are a noob blogging yourself like an idiot


2009-08-20 16:00:57

read the rules one by one and then make a new account and dont call you're account page you're "website" and have some thing to say before makeing a post and then maybe everyone wont hate you!


2009-08-22 06:58:47

hi :)