you all suck

2010-02-15 14:45:29 by lolzinternet


Jerry is a moron

2009-08-28 08:01:10 by lolzinternet


getting into audio

2009-08-27 07:47:11 by lolzinternet

So I'm stopping my blog and getting into music! Please review and rate my songs!
this account is now run by 2 people

stopping my blog

2009-08-26 16:12:56 by lolzinternet


Lolzinternet: Episode 4

2009-08-18 15:35:07 by lolzinternet

hey guys i was banned from writing reviews :(
but here you go i cant find anything funny i promise next one will be funny
but maybe this one is better than the last

Lolzinternet: Episode 4

Lolzinternet: Episode 3

2009-08-17 19:29:17 by lolzinternet

Hey guys welcome to my blog! I just keep getting more and more readers, so here's numah 3!
Lolmedals! (the secret is love)

Lolzinternet: Episode 3

lolzinternet: Episode 2

2009-08-16 14:22:12 by lolzinternet

Thanks guys for reading and enjoying my BLOG! lolol
this is a cool
i have 6 readers now hahahahaha
todays episode:
vhats wong with a website better than youruve?
lets see
mozz sucks

lolzinternet: Episode 2

lolzinternet:Episode 1

2009-08-15 18:59:39 by lolzinternet

Welcome to the first installment of lolzinternet!
Todays episode: lolgamespot
im doing this here so if you know my blogspot blog i deleted it cuz i ll
get more attention this way

lolzinternet:Episode 1